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Android: Draw seekbar progress from center 0

Android: Draw seekbar progress from center

Hey guys I am currently working on my own Android SeekBar and I want to make the progress color to be drawn from the center of the bar to the thumb. Currently, my SeekBar class looks like this:


My Problem now is that I don’t know what method I need to override in order to change the behaviour of the drawing of the ProgressDrawable, I am sure there must be some way.

Thanks in advance

current state vs. wanted version

my defined php function not working 0

my defined php function not working

I want my page to display an error message “lorem ipsum” if the input for $a (from the $_POST super global) is greater than a defined maximum value ($max1 and $max2). So this is what I did:


then I call the function here like so:


This is not working! What am I doing wrong?

Google plugin for Eclipse Luna not showing the icon 0

Google plugin for Eclipse Luna not showing the icon

I have been around 4 hours trying to install the Google Plugin for Eclipse Luna. I followed every step of the installing guide but when i finished the Google Logo for starting a new project didnt appear as it should:

like this

As you can see even though i have the plugins installed i cant see the icon or start a new web project.

enter image description here

I tried updating to Java 8 and JDK 8 (and 7) and deleting all the files as this question recommends. Also deleted and “reinstalled” eclipse and the plugin a lot of times but didn’t workout.

Anybody with the same problem? Thank a lot.

Why do I suddenly get the “Not commonly downloaded” warning in Chrome after ClickOnce deployment? 0

Why do I suddenly get the “Not commonly downloaded” warning in Chrome after ClickOnce deployment?

Upgraded Telerik in my ClickOnce application to version 2014.3.1202.40. (Never sure of the best way to do this. After the install, all my references to Telerik controls was broken and I had to remove all Telerik references in each of the projects and re-add them. So, I may be upgrading in the wrong way. But that’s another matter.)

I deploy my app to a staging folder on my web server before moving to production. The app is signed with a commercial code signing certificate from Comodo that doesn’t expire until 2019. I’ve uploaded new versions many times with no problem. But now, since I upgraded the Telerik controls, I can’t download the and install the application. Here’s what happens:

  1. In Chrome, I enter the url:
  2. I get the “Not commonly downloaded” warning where I never got that before. I don’t get any error on Firefox nor on IE.
  3. If I tell Chrome to keep the file, I can start it. The installation starts on all the other browsers too.
  4. About 3/4 of the way through the download of the files, Avast blocks it with DRep virus (I’m guessing lack of reputation). If I turn off Avast, it installs fine.

Why is my application suddenly acting like it has no reputation when it’s been downloaded for months with no problems. But, after I modify the application in VS2010 and then remove and re-add the Telerik dll’s, I suddenly have no reputation. And what makes matters worse, is that now my production download located at ttp:// is suddenly acting the same way.

I admit I don’t have a good enough understanding of reputation, signing, and clickonce. But I do know that whereas before we were fine, after deploying the application, we’re flagged as malicious software. I made a few code changes in the program (not many), but I also replaced the Telerik dlls. Probably has something to do with signing and publishing, but I can’t figure it out. Please help. Thanks.

C++ Instantiate subclass from multiple choices 0

C++ Instantiate subclass from multiple choices

I’m using a library that implements different types of network protocols like in the following simplified example that hopefully illustrates the problem I have.


Now in my application, I want to have a Client and a Server, which should be either a ProtocolA or ProtocolB client/server, depending on which protocol the user chooses to connect with.

So I thought I could create my application classes like this.


Then I thought that when I need a client, for example, in the application I could just do this.


However the compiler quickly let me know that this is not possible since ProtocolAClient and ProtocolBClient are not an AppClient. Here is the exact compiler error.


So my next idea was to make AppClient and AppServer template classes, but that doesn’t work either as you can’t get a pointer to the instance as the pointer doesn’t have a template argument like this.


This seems like it should be such a simple problem to solve, but I just can’t seem to see the solution.

Beginner rbind function 0

Beginner rbind function

I cannot for the life of me understand the rbind function. I’ve tried using the examples on here, but I can’t figure out what I am doing incorrectly. All I would like to do is add the data from my second data frame under the first.

Does rbind require the columns be the same name or…?


.slideToggle() ONLY items that are collapsed 0

.slideToggle() ONLY items that are collapsed

So, I’ve done a lot of research trying to find this, but can’t seem to find something that works.

I have multiple divs on a page using .slidetoggle(); to display more content in a child div. What I would like to do is add an “expand all” button that would only expand those who are closed, while leaving the rest alone. Currently, the expand all works, but only if all of the items are collapsed. Otherwise it basically just switches, so if a user opens one item, then decides later they just want to view all, it will open those that are closed, but close the one that is already open. I know there’s gotta be an easy way to work around this but I’m relatively new to both jQuery and javascript.

Here’s my current code- my apologies if it is sloppy, I’m a beginner!


And my html-



how to SELECT numbering column AFTER order by clause 0

how to SELECT numbering column AFTER order by clause

How can I do a MySQL statement that gives off a numbering column based on the ordered criteria? For example, with the use of variables I have been able to produce such column, but the numbering process occurs before it is ordered so the results look in return… out of order