Kendo UI Grid – insert new row at a specific position on the grid

I am trying to insert a new row via the addRow() method to the grid but I want it to be added AFTER the currently selected row on the grid OR BEFORE the currently selected row? Can anyone help with this please? At the moment all I got was:

$(“.k-grid-edit-row”).appendTo(“#Grid tbody”);

But this inserts a row at the bottom of the table. I need it to add rows at specific positions with the grid which would already have rows.

Hide specifics divs by matching sub-elements

I’m trying to do a….small code in order to hide 4 divs in a list using a predefined text. These divs are actually a list of categories, they have a img sub-element and an anchor with text. I know the title of the anchors and the images but I couldn’t figure out yet how to hide the entire div based on matching its sub-elements.

Here is how the structure looks like

<div class="cp"> <div class="cp">
<div class="cp"> <div class="image"><a class="catv2"><img src="" title="shell" alt="shell"></a></div> <div class="name"><a id="link-cat-big" class="catv2" title="Shell case parts">Shell</a> </div>
<div class="cp">

In the above example I know the “shell” category, that’s what I want to hide.

How can I hide one or more <div class="cp"> by matching either the sub-elements title, alt or text ?

bug with jquery-mobile radio button display

hi i m creating a mobil apps and i have a probleme with my radio buttons, they randomly change
apparence. I don t get why. on navigator it’s fine, but on mobile phone it’s very ugly …
champ mobile and tel are requested by an ajax request(dont know if it matter).

took 2 screen

  1. this one look to not bug on mobile phone
  2. this one look to bug (it comes more often than the first) will post in comment

made a jsfiddle will post in comment

Sending data from table to servlet through AJAX via POST request

I have a JSP with a table and once the ‘submit’ button is pressed I would like to send all the information from the table to a servlet through AJAX via POST request.

I have set up the request and response via the servlet and it is tested and working for a few variables.

However, I would like to know, whats the best way to send a lot of information, i.e. information from the table? The table could have 30-40 rows with each row having three columns. I need to preserve the information for each row since each row is processed independently of the others.